Concrete masonry units (CMU), also called concrete block, cement block, cinder block, and foundational block have become a standard building material in both residential and commercial structures and have many advantages when installed properly. Rosales Masonry has the required knowledge and experience in the application of CMUs, to ensure superior quality.

There are several advantages to consider with concrete block construction. Because blocks are more than four times the size of bricks, the use of concrete blocks saves construction time and reduced material costs. Also, concrete blocks are fire resistant, have good insulation properties, and have great noise reduction quality for privacy.

Often used in the construction of retaining walls, concrete blocks are also used for building large commercial structures such as warehouses, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, and more.

The variety of block types includes hollow block, solid block, and pavers. These blocks come in assorted sizes, colors and finishes to match your building projects. Block is also paintable or can be overlaid with Stucco for improved aesthetics.